Why I Am Happy For Getting The Chance To Learn PHP


About 8 years ago I decided to learn PHP and it was my first programming language. I started with no knowledge at all, researched  the necessary topics, did a few self initiated projects and after a few months, I was able to get my first job as a PHP developer. Looking back, I am still […]

3 Tips For ODI SQL Code Standards

You can write SQL in a variety of places when designing an interface or a procedure with ODI, but a lot of times we forget to take care of somebody. This somebody, is the next person. This person can be anybody, you, friend, colleague or your boss. I had to return and edit my own […]

Oracle Open World 2012

  This year, I was able to participate in the Oracle Open World. After a week of walking through session in the Moscone center and some Hotels in San Francisco, I just wanted to share my Oracle Open World experience and a few key things I found interesting. So, fighting laziness and jet leg, here we […]

ODI 11g New Features

ODI 11g has introduced a lot of new features and each major release continued to add more and more ODI 11g new features, which accumulated into a lot of features distributed between different releases, starting from ODI, continuing with ODI and finishing, with the latest, ODI new features. For example, in my previous post I talked […]

Oracle Data Integrator

What is Oracle Data Integrator? Oracle Data Integrator, also known as Oracle ODI or just ODI, is Data Integration solution from Oracle, based on the ELT approach. For me, it is what I do every day at work, unfortunately, some times at home as well. ODI is divided into a few main components: Repository – This where the […]

ODI and Java 7 support


ODI is out for some time now, and I still did not had a change to share anything about it or even play with it as I should have. The version introduces some really nice new features and it also supports Java 7 (!) on certain platforms, which are listed in the Oracle […]

Unexpected Java Runtime Environment Errors Starting ODI Agent

Unexpected Java Runtime Environment Error… These are the kind of errors I like the most. When you see such an error being thrown when starting ODI agent in a production environment, you can go ahead and cancel dinner. Fortunately, for me, this error was on development server, so I had quite a nice dinner that evening. […]

Knowledge Modules, Procedures or Open Tools

Deciding when to use knowledge module, ODI procedure or an OpenTool is a debate every ODI user will have to face eventually. When facing such a decision, there are some points that make it an easier choice to make. This post is not written to explain ODI KM, ODI Open Tool, ODI procedure or any technical […]

Open Tool Tips

Developing an ODI Open Tool is quite simple. Some Java skills and understanding are required, but it is totally not needed to be an expert. The guide is pretty good, it explains how to build OpenTools and how to put them for Oracle Data Integrator to use. The tutorial can be found in the ODI […]

Python Custom Files In ODI

Some time ago I saw an email on one of the email lists in which, the author asked how to import custom python modules into ODI. When reading this email, I did not know, what would be the best way to perform such a thing and that made me a little curious. After a while, […]