Sergey Bahchissaraitsev

My name is Sergey Bahchissaraitsev (aka Bahchi), I am DevOps and Data Engineering consultant. I provide services for startups and high-tech companies interested in improving their data pipelines, developing cycle and/or require assistance with their day to day software development tasks.

DevOps & Data Engineering

I have been working with various tools and programming languages more than 10 years. Started in monitoring systems, continued to web development, spent 6 years as data integration expert for Oracle and then got into DevOps. I was always close to the infrastructure, loved the code and strived for good system architecture. Based on my experience with open source tools, development skills and system architecture proficiency I can help with DevOps and Data Engineering projects, especially with projects where those two areas correlate.

Bahchis Technologies

Bahchis Technologies is my personal brand and website, it combines every aspect of my technology career that I enjoy. I am sharing the knowledge I gain, hoping it will help those who will read it. You are very welcome to explore and read posts that I have written.

If you interested in my services, have a question or just feel like talking to me, feel free to contact me.