ODI 11g has introduced a lot of new features and each major release continued to add more and more ODI 11g new features, which accumulated into a lot of features distributed between different releases, starting from ODI, continuing with ODI and finishing, with the latest, ODI new features. For example, in my previous post I talked some about ODI and Java 7.

To tell the truth it is a little annoying reading the new features by going through separate PDFs, each covering one version of ODI 11g new features. If you perform a quick search on Google, you probably will be hitting the different PDFs first, but looking a little further (in my case, second page – from different computers and different logins) you can find an ODI White Paper called “Oracle Data Integrator 11g New Features Overview”, which summarizes the new features of all the releases of ODI 11g until now.

Don’t worry, I am not going to send you searching on Google. Here is the PDF I am talking about:

ODI 11g New Features

Hope this helps to get familiar with the ODI 11g new features, and if I I ever see new ODI White Papers covering more features from newer releases, I will try to keep this post up to date.