This year, I was able to participate in the Oracle Open World. After a week of walking through session in the Moscone center and some Hotels in San Francisco, I just wanted to share my Oracle Open World experience and a few key things I found interesting. So, fighting laziness and jet leg, here we go.

The first thing I have learned about Open World San Francisco is, that there are a lot of sessions, a lot of rooms and more than one location to go to. So, preparation was in order, this way it is possible to get into the sessions, which interest you the most.  I am not saying you should prepare for a month, just look at the Oracle Open World catalog and choose the most interesting sessions for you. Then, the night before, decide which session you will be attending the next day. At least, this is how it worked for me, since I am an Oracle employee. I am not sure though, if customer or anybody else should register beforehand. One tip I can give you if you are attending the next Oracle Open World conference, try to get a hard copy of the catalog, this will make your life easier.

The next thing I find interesting are the Demo Grounds. Walking around a bit, there are a lot of interesting demos about various Oracle products and many other companies that come there to present their products. Well, the most important tip of the day is… get free stuff :). This is the place to go around, listen to people, scan your badge and get free gadgets and other small, but sometimes cool items. I enjoyed walking around the Demo Grounds, a lot of things to see and people to talk to. For example, I got a chance to talk to two Developers from ODI team about their demo. They presented how to work with ODI and Hadoop, I enjoyed the conversation and learned new things.

The sessions themselves, are about 1 hour and there is a 30 minutes period between each session. This is, probably, for us to be able to move around between different locations and get into our next session in time.

There are a few session I have enjoyed the most. The first is Oracle Data Integrator Product Update and Future Strategy. At which, Denis Gray has talked about current Oracle Data Integrator 11g features and the direction they are headed. One the features I liked, is the ability to run Knowledge Module steps in parallel with the upcoming version of ODI, Oracle Data Integrator 12c.

The second session I have enjoyed is Real-Time Data Integration with Oracle Data Integrator at Raymond James by Tim Garrod and Ryan Fonnett from Raymond James. They presented their solution to integrating journalized data in real time with ODI CDC. Their goal is to capture data and load it with in a 30 seconds time period, which they have successfully implemented. They have talked about the issue that come up when trying to develop such a solution, like parallel executions with CDC, scheduling and load balance, large amount of repository logs and more. They also presented how they have overcame each issue.

There are more sessions I have enjoyed, but I am running out of paper. To finish, I would say, I really enjoyed Oracle Open World and San Francisco, as well. If you are attending the next Oracle Open World, remember three things. Learn new stuff about things that interest you, talk to people and enjoy.